Tips When Choosing Compressor Manufacturers

air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad India

Being trained in different types of compressors and different Air compressor manufacturers in India is an integral part of the buying process. There are many resources available to help you find out which air compressors and compressor accessories are appropriate. It’s more about the buying process than just buying and installing what you buy. Wrong to your application increases the value of your money.

There are three main types of such compressors. It is a rotary screw, centrifugal and reciprocating. Each type also has a variety of styles, including water and air cooling, single-stage or multi-stage, as well as oil-filled or oil-free air.

Examining the literature provided by the Air Compressor Manufacturers In Ahmedabad will help you gain a better understanding of how each type works, and are essential to making the right choice for your business. They all perform the same final function, which consists in compressing air to a higher pressure, but their methods for achieving this differ considerably. These differences help them to adapt to different work environments and applications.

Two low-cost compressor options are rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. Both types operate on the same principle, but in different ways. One uses a rotor to generate high pressure air, and the other uses a piston respectively. They take one volume of air and pump it into a smaller volume and creating pressure.

Both are suitable of producing between 1 to 600 hp (horsepower) or more. Although there are some of these types of oil-free air compressors, most are flooded with oil or lubricated. Since lubrication can cause oil to enter the air and cause problems with compressor components, most compressor manufacturers will use a separator when purchasing lubricated compressors. Both rotary screw compressors and reciprocating compressors are inexpensive.

The centrifugal is the latest type of compressor. It works the same way as others, but varies mechanically. It use a higher speed to increase air pressure instead of squeezing it. The centrifugal compressor produce air-cooled, and oil-free air. Oil-free air means separator is not required.

The Centrifugal compressors are considered to require very little maintenance because they have very few moving parts and can operate for a long periods of time before maintenance is required. Compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad typically sell centrifugal air compressor systems in places such as hospitals because clean, uncontrolled oxygen concentrations are of paramount importance.

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